Our Guarantee

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, the doors manufactured by MISTER DOORS are guaranteed by the manufacturer for five (5) years from the Date of Shipment by the manufacture to be of good material and workmanship, free from defects which render them unserviceable or unfit for use for which they were manufactured.


ALWAYS store your raw doors flat on a level surface in a dry well ventilated building. Must not come into contact with moisture. The door must be kept at least 4in (102mm) off the floor and must have protective coverings under the bottom door and over the top door. The covering must protect the doors from dirt, moisture and abuse, but allow for air circulation under and around the doors.


All solid construction and external doors MUST be hung with at least three (3) hinges to provide sufficient support, some doors may require four (4) or more. The utility or structural strength of the door must not be impaired in the fitting of the door, application of hardware, alterations or excessive trimming of the door. If in doubt, please contact us for expert advice. Awnings are recommended for entrance doors exposed to weather.

Timber Variations

The timber and veneers used in doors are a natural product as such it will have a significant variation in colour and grain pattern.

MISTER DOORS will utilise their skills that have been developed for over 30 years to give you a quality product, but these variations are unavoidable and will not be considered as defects.

The timber which is used to match timber edge strips will be matched to the door edge, unless client has specified differently at the time of order. But as timber is a natural product there may be significant variation in colour and grain pattern. The timber edge strip thickness may also vary due to the variance in moisture content this is not considered a defect.

Finishing of Door

Immediately after fitting and prior to hanging, the entire door (including the top and bottom edges) should be finished to prevent undue absorption of moisture or to prevent the timber drying out. Always use a paint or finish from a reputable paint supplier, ensure you use the correct finish for the application and timber species. ALWAYS follow the paint supplier manufactures advice.

Exterior finishes shall be used on external doors and doors exposed to direct sunlight. These doors should be finished with light reflective colours, as dark colours can cause excessive heat absorption, which will result in bowing, twisting and shrinkage.

Direct sunlight may discolour timber doors where a clear finish is used, as clear finishes are transparent to light and offer limited UV protection. We recommend awnings for entrance doors that are exposed to weather.

Semi-gloss or satin finish are recommended for all doors to reduce show-through. Normal show-through of frame components in flush panel doors shall not be considered a defect. In particular, hard two pack finished should not be used on joinery doors where normal movement will cause cracking of the finish. PLEASE contact us for advice on the suitability of a particular door type for the paint finish you have selected.

The objective of finishing a door is to seal the timber; that is to prevent moisture absorption or loss.

MISTER DOORS will not assume responsibility for doors where the moisture content falls below 10% or exceeds 15%. Your paint supplier should be consulted as to the number of coats required to effectively seal the door. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain an ongoing adequate seal, according to the paint supplier’s recommendations, to prevent deterioration of the doors.

General Conditions

MISTER DOORS will not assume responsibility for doors, which become defective because of failure to follow these recommendations or for hazards of shipment or storage, after the doors leave the control of the manufacturer. Doors must be inspected upon arrival for visible defects and all claims based thereon must be filed immediately. MISTER DOORS agrees to repair or replace at its option, unfinished and in the form as originally supplied without charge, doors found to be defective within the meaning of this guarantee.

A warp not exceeding 5mm on doors up to 2040 x 920 x 38mm or 6mm on doors over 2040 x 920 x 38mm and up to 2360 x 1200 x 38mm shall not be considered a defect. Doors in excess of 2360mm high or 1200mm wide are not guaranteed against bow or twist.

Any such defects must be brought to the attention of the manufacture promptly when discovered and in any event within five (5) years from the date of shipment by the manufacturer. MISTER DOORS is not liable hereunder to reimburse the purchaser for doors repaired or replaced without prior written consent of the manufacturer to such a repair or replacement.